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10 Things Kids must know about Republic Day

When his son Birendra ascended to the throne, he carried out some democratic reforms. In , the first elected government of Nepal in 32 years was formed.

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However, the new government's policy led to an economic crisis. Civil strife of the early s eventually transformed into a full-scale civil war.

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As a result of the war, Nepal was proclaimed a republic on May 29, This put an end to the year-old monarchy. May 29, marks the first anniversary of the declaration of Nepal as a Federal Democratic Republic.

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Various programs were organized around the nation to mark the first Republic Day. It was on May 29, when the first sitting of CA declared Nepal a Federal Republic abolishing the years old monarchy.

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Various news agencies from Nepal reported organization of several programs like the army pavilion in Tudikhel. The President and other leade talking about national unity.

Republic Day

To mark this day previously the government of Nepal used to give public holiday but from this year , the government of Nepal has cut off the public holiday. However Province 5 has declared a public holiday in their state. Republic Day is a special day in the history of Nepal that commemorates the creation of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal on May 29, The establishment of the republic put an end to civil strife that had lasted for years.

Each tries to outdo the others in showing a true picture of their state.


Monday January 22nd, at AM. Many foreign Prime Ministers are also invited to join this event. Lots of interesting and fun facts. Sweets and awards are distributed on this day to everyone. The first meeting of Constituent Assembly had declared Nepal as a republic state by ending monarchy on 15th Jesth, BS.

Folk dances and colourful drills are also held. School children participate in these.

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Finally, different air planes fly past in wonderful formations. They shower rose petals and also form our National Flag in its tricolour with their trails. The Republic Day parade is telecast live on the national television, and the whole country watches it with wonder.

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Republic Day in India is celebrated on 26th January every year. It is a national holiday commemorating the transition of India from a British dominion to an. Republic Day of India is celebrated on 26th of January every year all can incorporate these facts about Indian Republic Day in your essay.

Everyone is left with felling of national pride and patriotism. The children especially enjoy the Republic Day very much. Really love this speech and this speech is very good to learn and I know more about my country through this speech and I have to say that proud to be Indian.

I learned the secret of Republic day. I love my India. Your email address will not be published. Anusha August 12, at pm.