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Distance learners enrolled in self-paced programs are held to the same standards as other students regarding plagiarism and other aspects of academic dishonesty. Self-paced learners often register for classes as non-matriculated students. However, they still are responsible for paying for tuition and purchasing required textbooks and study materials the same as any other type of student. Many colleges advise distance learners to speak with academic advisors prior to enrolling in self-paced learning programs to ensure they fully comprehend the nuances and potential drawbacks of self-guided education.

A successful educational journey often is determined by the college students choose. The following list of accredited, nonprofit two- and four-year institutions can help students interested in self-paced programs explore their options for self-guided study. Each college featured here offers at least one self-paced online class, and most offer many more than that.

Columbia College in Columbia, Mo. Students can pursue degree programs at their own pace, including sitting out for a session if need be. This small Christian college based in Lynchburg, Va. Liberty offers a flexible learning environment that allows students to complete assignments at their own pace. Students create a customizable degree plan and complete work at their own pace. Students can apply transfer credits from other accredited postsecondary institutions and also earn credits for prior experience, allowing them to advance quickly through the degree path. The Global College also features a number of open self-paced college courses, including composition, humanities and health sciences.

Rasmussen College has campus locations in six states, as well as a robust online college. University of Florida in Gainesville offers 37 different self-paced courses , from beginning Spanish to psychology to journalism. Students do not need to be admitted to UF to enroll in these classes. Self-guided learners have 16 weeks to complete a class. The University of Illinois offers more than 90 online degree programs and more than 1, online courses through its online college, which attracts distance learners from across the globe.

The university offers 19 self-paced online courses in mathematics, from algebra to advanced courses such as probability theory, vector and tensor analysis and complex variables. Students can take up to nine months to complete coursework, or 12 months if they seek a time extension.

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Founded in , University of North Dakota is the largest postsecondary institution in the state. The college has an annual enrollment of more than 15, students. Although this institution was founded in to serve residents of Fayette, Iowa, its reach is worldwide through its online college. Upper Iowa University offers 26 self-paced online degree programs and certificates and 12 paper-based self-guided degree programs. Tuition varies between educational centers and program. Waubonsee has four campus locations in Illinois, including two in Aurora.

The online college features five associate degrees, and students can take classes in a variety of formats, including hybrid and accelerated courses.

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Students with prior learning can quickly move ahead by completing credit by examination. This list is not comprehensive — colleges and universities regularly add self-paced programs as part of their online curricula.

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Students should check with prospective schools to determine their options for self-paced educational programs. Following these five tips can help students enrolled in or considering self-paced degree programs cross the finish line. Thousands of U. More and more colleges are offering self-guided programs as well. Look for colleges that offer self-paced options in addition to synchronous and asynchronous distance education programs for maximum flexibility. Plus, it shows the campus is dedicated to developing well-rounded online curricula and attracting distance education students.

Time management is the key to distance learning regardless of how content is delivered. Dedicating specific hours in the day for studying, establishing timelines for completing assignments and papers, checking in daily to stay current, and planning ahead are all effective time management strategies. The same should be true for the home learning environment. Establishing a quiet, orderly workspace helps students avoid unnecessary distractions and concentrate fully on the task at hand.

Distance learners might not ever visit the campus health clinic, but they can access the university library, online tutoring and learning services, academic advising, counseling services, and other crucial resources that can help ease the stress and grind of being a student. There are a wealth of resources geared toward helping non-traditional college students succeed with their academic pursuits.

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Students considering self-paced distance education programs should take the following question quiz prior to enrollment to determine if a self-paced program is their best option. That constraint can hamper adult students who enroll with a wealth of knowledge. With self-paced learning, students with a high degree of competency in a given subject can quickly test out of the class. You can finish the material as quickly as you want.

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You are not tied down to the pace of not only a class but to the Carnegie Unit system of credit hours, where professors are required to teach a certain number of classroom hours [the most widely used credit system in the U. Study the Spanish language while you explore Ecuador, a country known for its remarkable geographic and biological diversity. Few countries as small as Ecuador contain such remarkable geographic and biological diversity.

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It ranges from coastal deserts to temperate mountain valleys to Amazon forests. Culturally and racially, its population includes every mix of indigenous, Spanish, and African elements.

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The program is based in Quito, an Andean city—within sight of snow-capped volcanoes—that houses remarkable combinations of colonial and modern, rich and poor. You will live with a homestay family throughout your time in Ecuador. Homestay families provide breakfast and dinner daily. You will be responsible for providing your own lunches. Homestays are an integral component of the learning experience and provide a vital connection to local culture.

The homestay aspect of the program is often a highlight for participants. Nearly all families have hosted program participants before and have been chosen for their genuine interest in sharing Ecuadorian life with a student. Although excursions may vary each term, students typically do a city tour of Quito and a field observation trip to Saqusili just South of Quito to visit a traditional market. A team of dedicated Ecuadorian staff based in Quito work to ensure that your study abroad experience is safe, academically enriching, and rewarding.

She has conducted research on social and cultural population issues; gained practical experience in working in indigenous and peasant communities; and organized local, national, and international conferences. In recent years she has been deeply involved in intercultural research projects and actively participates in community-based processes to identify alternatives for development.

All language courses are taught by Ecuadorian faculty who are experts in their fields. Their CVs are available upon request. Fourth semester Spanish. This is an intensive Spanish language course that places emphasis on grammatical structures, vocabulary and learning about the local culture. This course will help students to increase their linguistic and communicative abilities in both written and oral form through the appropriate use of the language within Ecuadorian culture and Latin America.

Fifth semster Spanish. This Spanish language course has an emphasis on composition and communication in Spanish.

It is designed to develop and strengthen the oral and written linguistic and communicative abilities students have acquired during their previous four semesters of language study. This course seeks to integrate, in real contexts, speaking, writing, reading and listening skills at a more advanced level. Join the millions of people worldwide who have learned a new language with the Michel Thomas Method.

Speak and understand Spanish perfectly - Incredible progress. Learn Spanish effortlessly - Absolute confidence. Unleash your natural learning style without trying The Method: Stress-free audio learning Michel Thomas teaches you Spanish through your own language, so there's no stress, and no anxiety. He builds it up, step by step, and you don't move on until you've absorbed and understood the previous point.

And, as Michel Thomas said, 'What you understand, you know; and what you know, you don't forget. There is no need to stop for homework, additional exercises or vocabulary memorization. Why it Works: Learn the Spanish language the way you learned your own You learned your own language naturally and enjoyably: now you can learn Spanish in the same way.

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Spain is the world's second most popular tourist destination, after France. Despite the fact that church attendance has been progressively waning, the population of Spain is predominantly Roman Catholic. Foreign competition has cut into the Spanish textile industry. His C in that double honors course probably did more to prepare him for those rigors—even though he may not be able to enter UCSD. Founded in , our company has grown to become the largest alternative certification program in the nation. The Balearic Islands are a picturesque group with sharply indented coastlines; they combine steep mountains with rolling, fertile ranges. The armada was defeated, but an English attack on Portugal in also failed.

You'll stick with it because you'll love it. Use the unique method perfected over fifty years by the celebrated psychologist and linguist Michel Thomas. This method works with your brain, helping you to build up your Spanish in manageable, enjoyable steps by thinking out the answers for yourself.

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You learn through listening and speaking without the pressure of writing or memorizing. You pick up the language naturally and unforgettably. Learn Anywhere Don't be tied to chunky books or your computer, Michel Thomas Method audio courses let you learn whenever you want: at home, in your car, or on the move with your MP3 player.

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