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George Orwell's 11 Tips for Proper Tea Making

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Too milky 2. Mug not rinsed out properly 3. Watery residue on top of tea 4. Bag left in the mug 5. Mug of tea only half full 6. Mug is chipped 7. When tea has spilled into the saucer 8.

How to make a perfect cup of tea

The wrong type of tea is used Not milky enough. We've noticed you're adblocking. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. To keep it warm for service, one would prepare a brazier of coals from the stove, carrying it into the salon where tea was to be served.

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Fifthly, when signaled by the master or mistress, you would bring the kettle from the brazier to the table, to add water to the tea-pot. Sixthly, after the master or mistress has made and poured the tea, one should hand around the cups. As further cups are required, one is expected to ferry empty cups from the guest to your mistress or master, and back.

Seventhly, at the end of service, one would collect the tea equipage, and return it to the kitchens for cleaning and storage.

First of all, the ranking tea drinker should instruct a servant to prepare the tea service and sufficient hot water. Second, one should use Chinese tea, of a better quality, either of the green kind imperial, bing, singlo, soumlo , or the red kind oolong or bohea.

Tea is very precious, and selecting and ordering a fine kind reflects on your taste. Thirdly, one would unlock and open the tea chest, withdrawing the canister for the tea or teas you wish to consume. One should be careful to keep the key to the tea chest safe about your person, so that no unauthorized use of the expensive commodity of tea can occur. Fourthly, when the servant has brought the tea equipage into the salon, and arranged the brazier and kettle for use, one should instruct the servant to begin service.

Fifthly, you should add sufficient tea to the tea-pot, of one kind or an admixture devised by oneself. Hot but not boiling water should be added to the leaves in the tea-pot, which should be allowed to rest for as long as it takes to complete a leisurely recitation of the Miserere Psalm in the absence of individual timepieces, Psalm 51 was a common unit for the measure of time in cooking, delineating a period of about two and a half to three minutes.

Sixthly, tea for each member of the party should be poured into the cups, with sugar added by request. Filled cups are handed round by the servant.

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Seventhly, further cups should be offered to all who signal that they would like a refill, indicated by the tea spoon remaining right way up on their saucer. Some men happily drank ten to fifteen of the small cups at one sitting: Samuel Johnson is reported to have drunk eighteen cups when he visited Mrs Zachariah Mudge in Plymouth in When the servant returns with a cup to be refilled, any remaining cold tea can be poured into the slops bowl.

Eighthly, at the end of tea service, a servant should be ordered to clear the tea things. Just as Orwell observed at the end of his essay in , the tea itself is what makes it worth paying attention to the details of tea preparation. Orwell was writing at a time when tea was changing rapidly: demand for its consumption had grown during the war years, but supply had failed to keep pace.

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In the years after rationing was removed in , consumption rose to a peak in , but ever since then, tea consumption has declined. And tea preparation, through the rapid take-up of tea bags and instant teas, had become more and more efficient, using less and less tea to make more and more cups — and of less nice tea, Orwell might have added.

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