Boys and girls should attend separate schools essay

Boys and girls should attend separate schools Essay

Single-sex schools are not very common nowadays, but there was a time when it was the general trend in education that boys and girls studied separately. But by the mid 19th century financing for education was becoming a public expense and girls and boys began to share classes Kennedy, These schools today are much different than they used to be, and poles apart from stereotypical images, such as havens for children of privilege or refuges for troubled teens.

New research proves that contemporary boarding schools diverse body of motivated and well-rounded students who study and live supportive, inclusive academic communities where they learn about independence and responsibility, traditional values that help them to achieves success at higher rates than private day and public schools students. First of all, one of the many reasons given for these schools is that living in a hostel is necessary for discipline, team spirit and academic excellence.

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Main point 1: Promote gender stereotyping and fixed gender roles. Peers are often the strongest enforcers of sex roles.

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Boys who do not fit the tough, athletic mold and girls who do not fit feminine stereotypes are subject to bullying or exclusion from other children. Guyland: The perilous world where boys become men. New York: HarperCollins Publishers. British Educational Research Journal, 28, First, the very act of segregation fosters the belief in deep, far-reaching behavioral and ability differences, which runs counter to the true, statistically modest sex differences that do exist.

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When teachers emphasize gender, for instance, by Attend at the same school will help a lot. They can learn from each other. They will know how to treat the opposite sex friend in good manner. There are many activities in schools that require the participations of both boys and girls.

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However, many parents may think that it is not necessary girls and boys to study together. Posted by: fatuma Report Post. In the UAE, most schools are single-sex. It's great, when a person has a superiority to make better decisions. There is no reason why we should change regular schools. Pretty bad punctiation and too much background information in both introductory and conclusion part.

First of all, going to the same school , boys and girls have chances to learn from each other. For example, most boys prefers math to literature while most girls are fond of literature. Consequently, boys may have high scores in math and girls may have high scores in literature. When being at the same class, they will help each other. Boy will tutor math for the girls.

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Essay topics: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Boys and girls should attend separate schools. Use specific reasons and. Some believe that boys and girls should attend in different schools, Essay topics: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?.

By doing this, they will enhance their knowledge in both math and literature. Secondly, learning under the same schools , boys and girls will learn how to behave politely to each other. For example, if there are only boys in school , the boys may treat other boys in carefree manners.

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They may even fight with each other. Register Login FAQ.

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Board index. Post a reply. Reply with quote Essay: Boys and girls should attend separate schools? It paves the way for higher education in universities and prepares its students for handling any job in their future life. If the school that you attend doesn't meet the basic standards, you will definitely face some troubles in your professional career. Some people are inclined toward the opinion that boys and girls should not be separated.

However, others may hold the opposite view. I'm strongly in favor of the former statement. Building separate schools for boys and girls not only weakens student's communication skill but also costs a great deal of money that can be spent on a more beneficial program. Some countries may encourage separate schools for boys and girls while others support coeducational schools. To begin with, some people think that single sex schools are more effective to teach boys and girls.

This type of school encourages students to concentrate on their studies more. Studies show that students in single sex schools are able to perform better in academics as opposed to coed students.

Essay about Should Boys and girls Attend Different Schools?

In addition, separate schools give more opportunities for students to choose their favourite subjects without any problems. For example, most of the girls choose science for extensive studies. Nowadays boys are very keen on studying hotel management courses and cookery classes. Grammar schools in Great Britain , which give secondary education of a very high standard and entrance to which is based on the test of ability, are single sexed schools.

There are some disadvantages of separate schools. If children grow up in separate schools, they would tend to be timid and less cooperative at work in the future. I completely agree with people who think that boys and girls should attend coeducational schools for many reasons. Firstly, women nowadays have equal rights with men. They want to make a good career and succeed.