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DEHRADUN : The City Of Love

I liked a place called, Sahastradhara. It was an excellent experience for me.

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I am always facinated by the nature and peace, I found Dehradun one of the best place to live in. Dehradun, Capital of Uttaranchal state in India is also known as Doon valley and is situated at the foothills of Shivalik ranges in India. It is a major tourist attraction of the state.


A must to visit city with its exotic beauty has many temples reflecting the spirituality of the place, a great number of gift shops that give shoppers a wonderful experience, and obviously being situated at the base of the hills is an attractive spot for trekkers. The city offers a unique experience to everyone it could be aged person, a trekker or a person who loves to shop or for children. The city even hosts wonderful resorts that offer five- star facilities to their customer. Its temperate climate attracts tourists throughout the year.

Dehradun is one of the best study centre of India. Blessed with natural beauty and situated at the foothill of Musorrie, it is a place which should be visited by everyone coming to Utarakhand. Sahastradhara which is good enough for a bath.

Also the ropeway is equally enjoyable. Keep half a day for the place. Another place is Tapakeshwar Mandir which will gross u for another 2 hours. Dehradun was a summer retreat for British officers, a picture-postcard hill station located in the verdant Doon valley within the Ganga and Yamuna rivers. The capital city of Uttarakhand state, it is majestically flanked by the Himalaya and the Shivalik mountain ranges. It was in this picturesque town that Jawaharlal Nehru, second only to Mahatma Gandhi during the struggle for independence, was incarcerated for taking part in non-violent protests during the Civil Disobedience Movement of In the Mahatma designated Nehru as his political heir and in Nehru became the first prime minister of independent India.

The last sunset for Pandit Nehru in the Valley was 26 May, ; he passed away the next day, 27 May, He was imprisoned four times in the Dehradun Jail during the nation's struggle for independence. According to the officials of the old jail premises, the British kept Pandit Nehru for the first time from June 6, to August 23, , the second from May 8, to August 11, , the third from November 17, to February 28, and the fourth from April 19, to December 3, The last three times he was in a cell that later came to be known as the 'Nehru ward'.

Nehru was a prolific writer and despite the hardships he faced during his confinement he completed 'Glimpses of World History', 'Discovery of India' and 'Letters from a father to his Daughter'. His last in a series of letters from prison, shows the compassionate and tolerant nature of the man. What impresses me most of all, is his total lack of bitterness towards the Occupation Forces.

He also penned part of his autobiography while in jail including these lines about the Dehradun jail: "For fourteen and a half months I lived in my little cell or room in the Dehra Dun gaol, and I began to feel as if I was a part of it. Currently at the Dehradun jail there are a few identified old buildings — the old jail, warden quarters and a few old buildings surrounded by barren land, all within the 11 acre campus. The stone and brick walls are covered with a coat of fading whitewash. Opposite is a cobbled driveway leading to the main iron gate of the old jail complex.

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A rusty iron door and wild growth greets visitors to the prison complex. Until recently this historic building was being used as housing for retired jailors, with plans for it to be demolished to house a shopping complex. The Hindustan Times, a daily national newspaper, discovered the forgotten cell after more than seventy years through extensive research.

He wrote on 8 June "We are really not in the jail proper but just outside it in the warders' old quarters. His diaries provided further clues by stating that he was allowed to take morning and evening walks for a distance of about a hundred yards from his cell. Another hint was about the height of the room," Here we have a baby wall hardly deserving the name of jail wall - barely nine feet.

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Had the Hindustan Times not taken the initiative to trace this piece of history, the structure would have ended up as a shopping complex. The central jail has now shifted to the outskirts of the city in Shuddhowala, leaving behind the decrepit buildings. The authorities have kept the table, chair and bed used by the late leader during his imprisonment. An air of asceticism greets the visitors. This prefix to his name was a gift from the children of the nation.

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It is a great achievement for the institution, as well as for Yash Agarwal. Holi pe essay in english. Urbanization in Garhwal Himalaya: a geographical interpretation. The British got Dehradun in and colonised Landour and Mussoorie in — Creative writing course philippines. Grand Pa's water paradise,gucchupani.

Nevertheless, it is impossible to overlook its historic significance as it represents the very real and important stories of people who left their mark on the Nation. The prison in its present form still demonstrates with some precision the facilities, conditions and attitudes prevailing in a prison cell of that period.

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This widely sprawling zoo is currently aiming towards adopting a wide range of animals which are definitely going to be a major tourist attraction. Although this place is already a hotspot for the tourists, with this addition and the expansion of the area will be a boon for the zoo authorities.

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Visiting these additional parks and witnessing the variety of wildlife should be the top things to do when you are travelling to Dehradun zoo. To make your trip easy and enjoyable, we provide you with the best Dehradun travel packages. Shefali Sinha is someone who has always been in love with new places and has always tried to explore the unexplored. Traveling for her has always been an escape from the city life.

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Trying different cuisines, having exotic beverages and capturing every moment in the camera lens are her ways of enjoying life. Recommended Tours.

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Future Expansion Plans PK Patra, Director, Dehradun Zoo said that they are planning to expand their zoo area from 5 hectares to 25 hectares by introducing an adventure park, Jurassic park, interpretation centre and bonsai park.