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The weighted average cost of capital WACC is the proportion of returns on investment which every investor is expected to get required to receive from the company.

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WACC comprises of all the kinds of capital such as common stock, bonds and preferred stock. If WACC increases then the valuation is likely to decrease which translates to an increase in business risks. The WACC is calculated to determine the cost of raising funds to purchase the long-term assets such as buildings, equipment and inventory. Non-operating assets are the assets owned by the company but not utilized on the daily operations of the company. They are also known as redundant assets. If we for an example talk specifically about management courses, their case studies could be related to any functional area of an organization, be it finance, operations, HR, or the IT department.

Furthermore, some case studies also take into account the whole workings of an organization and ask the participants to think and decide the best course of action as the managing directors.

What is a case study?

The strategic actions which a group proposes are backed up with an in-depth research of the organization and the market conditions. These solutions are meant to provide the company with a competitive edge over others without losing on any other resources.

There are as many approaches to case studies as there are case studies itself, this promotes innovation in thought and decision making skills. It goes without saying that case studies could be in both written and presentation format more about that later. Apart from that, the case study could either be. These ask the participants to look at situations from the point of view of the senior executives of an organization. Strategic cases can further be classified into.

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These merely describe the situation which is to be analyzed, thus making it familiar with every detail attached. These are studies done on a shorter scale which pave the way for bigger projects. Their main function is to find and answer the basic questions which prove that further research and studies on a particular aspect of the situation are necessary. As the title suggests, these studies make use of different relevant studies from all points of time which aggregates into the case for a new one.

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Collection of various studies leads to better generalization and addition of information without extra expense. These are similar to collective case studies in the way that these also depend on the data of different cases from different points of time. Such case studies are useful for finding the relation between an event and its cause. A case study competition will require a group to work as a team and present their analysis and solutions in a compact and effective manner to the judges.

As with every real corporate environment, a good solution will come from a team with members having different areas of strength and competencies.

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It also helps if a team member is exceptionally well at Excel and graphs, thus giving an edge to your presentation. There have been cases of winning teams having no background of the industry given in the case study, their only strong point was their dedicated research. Every team will research the topic, but the ones who shine are the ones willing to put in a little extra effort towards finding relevant data from all sources. Use every means possible to hone this skill, be it through books or online. You could also make use of websites like Dare2Compete to take part in online competitions and business simulation games in order to get a fair experience of the workings of such a competition.

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This goes a long way in polishing your areas of expertise and giving additional information about the market. Given the ambiguous nature of many case studies, it is possible that it may not have a singular correct conclusion or solution.

So the best way to tackle it is to make sure that your presentation has a natural flow of logic and shows how you came to the conclusion you now present. The creative process has the intricacies which might get overshadowed if only the final solution is focused upon. Many case studies are actual business scenarios from the past which have been dealt with. Your ideas should be of the middle ground- neither too risky nor too safe, just enough to set the wheel rolling.

Your team might have people who are not comfortable with public speaking but who excel at analytics, let them play to their strengths.

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Choose the best speakers to go forward if all the team members could partake in it, all the better. Your presentation should be professional looking, and thus you must avoid snappy colors or bold designs.

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Case Studies in Finance "Managing for Corporate Value Creation" Robert F. Bruner Ben & Jerry's Homemade Inc. Value Creation and Governance Body Shop. This Finance for Humanitarian Innovation report is one of five topic-specific studies The other case studies focus on the shelter; cash based programming, WASH Review,5 and in no small part by pro-private sector and market solution.

Keep it sober and effective. Find out what kind of questions could be asked depending on your research, strategy, sources, presentation and the final solution.

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Companies Show more Companies. Broadly there can two types of case studies that can be expected at the IB assessment center viz. Different Yale faculty members spurn case teaching altogether. At a time of fierce competition, banks are eager to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. You are supposed to find out which would be a better solution for the business. Optimisation By the Books. Best practice guide: Better project billing Maximise revenue with accurate and timely invoices.

Prepare well-researched answers for these beforehand, as it will give you an edge over the other competitors. If you can, keep handy extra information like topic specific graphs, charts and previous studies which you can pull up in time of need. See how Pinnacle responds. Read about how Miller Loughry Beach insurance helps this local engineering firm get running after a tornado.

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