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Email address is not valid. Air ticket andmar , take an. Tourism is considered as major foreign earnings for Indian nation. Tour operators are now offering attractive packages in collaboration with city hospitals for a perfect health vacation. One gets to taste a variety of food as a tourist. Agri-tourism attempts to overcome this problem.

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Online call. Thank you for your interest in WriteMyPapers. Please click on "Call" button. Feel welcome to use the new Call feature. With the rapid improvement in the living standard of the people, air, train and bus travel have come within the reach of larger percentage of people. Consequently, there has been a considerable increase in the volume of traffic of tourists. It is an implied export and a rich source of earning foreign exchange. It also generates many employment opportunities. There are many countries in the world where main source of income is tourism.

It is a boon to India as well because foreign visitors bring urgently needed foreign exchange which to a great extent helps the country to offset the deficits in its balance of payments. Tourism promotes business and commercial activities in the country such as transportation, hotel and restaurant services, shopping, banking, etc and these in turn help in removing unemployment by generating ample employment opportunities.

Travel and tourism have great educational, cultural, entertainment, national and international value. Travel has always been a new, refreshing, exciting and rewarding experience both for domestic and foreign travelers. It promotes national integration, international understanding, harmony, friendship and goodwill.

The importance of travel can hardly be over-emphasized. India is a vast and great country with a huge potential for the development of tourism. India is full of a number of historical places and monuments, great shrines, and temples, places of pilgrimages, wildlife sanctuaries, hill stations, sea resorts, places of winter sports, etc. Besides, it offers a great variety of cultures, religions, festivals, languages, fairs, music, etc. Hundred Thousands of foreign visitors come to India every year.

Thus, the foreign exchange earnings from tourism run into crores of rupees. While the infrastructure at home is being strengthened, promotional activities are undertaken in a big way abroad to attract more tourists. With a view to diversify tourist attractions, development of beach and hill resorts has been taken up. With a view to attract more tourists, publicity is undertaken in major tourist generating markets of the world through 25 tourist offices located in North America, Europe, Australia, West and East Asia.

The Department of Tourism of the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation have both promotional and organisational functions. They work in close cooperation with the Indian Tourism Development Corporation.

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There is a net work of regional offices abroad and at home for publicity and marketing in the tourist generating markets. To feed promotional material to these offices Indian Embassies, Air India and the Department of Tourism produce tourist publicity literature in many main world languages. In order to cater to domestic tourism literature in Hindi is also produced. Tourist offices maintain film and photo libraries on subjects of tourist interest.

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Forest lodges have been constructed in the bird sanctuary at Bharatpur and a number of wild life sanctuaries. Facilities for viewing wild life are also provided at these places. To promote youth tourists, a number of youth hostels have been constructed in different parts of the country.

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For pilgrims a number of Dharamshalas and Musafir Khanas have been constructed at many centres of pilgrimage. Snow skiing and water skiing are looked after by the Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering, Gulmarg. Its fleet-mix consists of air-conditioned and deluxe coaches, limousine and tourist cars, It has its own travel agency—Ashok Travels and Tours.

It also runs sound and light shows at Sabarmati Ashram, Ahmedabad; Red Fort, Delhi and Shalimar Gardens, Srinagar besides ganising entertainment programme for its hotels. To encourage foreign tourists, regulations relating to currency, customs, etc. Rail pass facilities are also available to them. Under the scheme over India, for travel on Indian Airlines domestic services unlisted stopovers facility enroute is available.

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The former is meant for places of tourist interest in Rajasthan, and the latter for the places of Buddhist interest in India. Thus, there has been a marked improvement in tourist facilities. More hotels are being established, tourist bungalows and beach resorts are being opened. Tourism in India provides a wonderful window to our so varied life, culture, historical places, wildlife sanctuaries, flora and fauna. Diversity, unity and assimilation have always been the hallmark of the eternal India and these make India the ultimate tourist destination.

India unfolds to the visitors new and breathtaking vistas of the grandest scenic beauty and cultural, spiritual and ideological concepts. Tourism in India is now recognised as an industry generating huge business and employment. With the opening up of the economy and the globalisation of business, tourism is likely to provide further impetus to economic modernisation in the country. It promotes national integration and unity, creates employment opportunities and increases foreign exchange earnings.

It also encourages handicrafts and cultural activities. Travel and tourism have great educational, cultural, entertainment, national, international and business value.

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Essay No. Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries of the world. It plays a vital role in the economic development of a country. India is. India is one of the oldest countries in the world, full of charming and attractive historical sites and challenging and mysterious stories that were laid in the.

Travel has always been a new, refreshing, exciting and rewarding experience, both for domestic and foreign travellers. India with its vast cultural, historical, scenic, artistic and natural wealth has great potential. There are numerous historical places, monuments, pilgrimage centres, shrines, temples, wildlife sanctuaries, hill stations, sea-resorts, places of winter sports and ancient and modern cities steeped in glory and fascination. Besides, its diversity of cultures, religions, languages, dresses, and weather conditions, etc.

Consequently, international tourism in India has grown substantially during the last four decades. It has today become one of the highest net foreign exchange earning sectors. It is expected to account for increased percentage of the gross domestic product GDP in the coming years. During , the country earned nearly Rs. Domestic tourism plays a vital role in achieving various objectives of national unity, integration, cultural harmony, social tolerance and cohesion.