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And so some comparative work automatically selects away from the APSR, and the APSR gets a reputation as being not a top place for comparative, and the spiral continues.

Your parenthetical comment about Political Studies must be answered by path-dependency considerations. Craig Duncan A side question. Has there been much further development of her positive proposal, viz. Any advice?

Anne Phillips short book Which Equalities Matter? Eric Oliver on class, race, boundaries, and civic attitudes in U. Scott et. I dunno. Or am I being uncharacteristically Luddite here?

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Partha Chatterjee interpreted Gandhi's position from a Marxist viewpoint. Remain logged in to website. The body might be destroyed; the spirit will proclaim its freedom. Great post Chris! I really enjoyed this one, what do you all think of:. This part involves a very brief account of the nature and function of political theory. Email required Password required Remember me Forgotten your password?

Rightfully so, I think. The reasoning is similar, but more of a positive explanation of the value of equality than a rollicking critique of a spectrum of thought which made the Anderson article so much fun, as well as interesting. TheLastDJ Alex Fradera If this was to be compiled, I vote for a subcategory of good, important papers that are particularly accessible for non-specialists.

This could include particularly good reviews of issues, or theoretical problems that are given a strong grounding in real-world examples so the non-philosopher can get through it if they persevere.

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Most of the articles are in some way dependent on having followed the Rawls literature since Political Liberalism or, for some, the even-more-recent Law of Peoples. I think non-specialists interested in a field this field, at least are better off with a couple of books than with a pile of journal articles. Ditto what Jacob said about having to follow at least the broad contours of Rawls debates, and the value of substantive reviews in the publications he mentions.

Fair enough. And certainly in my field there are cases of important work being achieved within the boundaries of an accessible, well-written article that assumes little and explains as it goes. I was just looking for any exemplars of those. Thanks for that. They probably have these in neuropsych journals too. For example, Beitz summarized three approaches to international justice in World Politics in , a journal for the international relations community.

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These would be useful for people in other fields, for teaching, and heck, for the dedicated professional. Thanks Vivian.

She also delves into the interactions between those spheres and the forces they individually exert on political theory, inquiring as to their effects. More generally, she pursues the problem of how political theory proves itself useful to issues of the contemporary world.

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Grant, Ruth W. Arguing for political theory as research of a humanities flavor, she discusses its possible interpretations and roles in academia.

Katznelson, Ira, and Helen Milner. Moon, J. Stephen K. White and Donald J.

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By doing so, he provides a microcosm of the analytical process that charges political theorizing, makes a case for a revival of philosophy, and examines the role of the political philosopher in society. Shapiro, Ian. Smith, Anna Marie. An extensive and useful discussion. Tampio, Nicholas.

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Cornell University — Government Department. University of Michigan — Political Science. Among the phenomena that reflect the history of the discipline are the following: the onset of neo-institutionalism, the behavioral revolution or the post-behavioral critique. When it comes to the approaches in Political Studies, one could outline the following: political psychology, rational choice, and principal-agent theory among others.

When you want to come up with a good topic adjacent to comparative politics, you need to know that these topics should be related to the following branches:. If you need to provide an essay on politics within the realm of international relations, consider the following categories of essays and research papers:.

Apart from political thought as it is, these papers should also focus on political thought in different corners of the world. As such, students should not merely investigate the Western classics but also put emphasis on the Asian thinkers, Christian political thought, and also Islamic political thought among others.

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Among the frequently discussed Western classical political thought are the following kinds:. If you have to submit a paper dealing with the American politics, you need to investigate the political structures, establishments, and institutions of the USA. Particularly, focus on the Congress, the state and local parties, the bureaucracy, the presidency, the media, and principles of federalism among others.

Among the other topics that are popular nowadays are those dealing with LGBT issues, religion and politics, queer theory, as well as race and ethnicity. Check out the other options:. Hopefully, these topics will provide you some fresh insight into the investigation of the political theory and political science in general.