Essay on reservation in india

Essay on Reservation in India

It is shamful for the castiest minded group of people who promote caste system in India.


The government needs to come up with schemes and measures to help this section of society rise , this will be done at expense of something. Thus reservations are the exact opposite of development and equality. Impact of reservation It is a well known fact that reservation has so far been used only to consolidate the vote banks by various political parties. There may be groups of people who have been oppressed for ages, who have not been given the dues from the society they live in, who have been both mentally and physically abused for ages or there may be groups of people who are not financially capable in leading a standard quality of life or there may be people who might be in minority. Page count 1 page words. This move led to opposition from those categories of people who were to be excluded from the benefits being extended to the reserve category students, inasmuch as, the proposal was to reduce the available seats for the general category from the existing Article 14 embodies the general principle of equality before the law.

Freeze the all Castes , forbid the use of Caste indicating sirnames, disgnated names. The articles are very good with each section described so well! Hello…i am swati vasava.

English or gujarati!? Please give me suggestion. Please guide for my best future. The info you gave that reservation was only given for 10 year is wrong. It was political reservation which was given for 10 years, there were no limits set on economical and social reservation.

These articles are great. Kindly keep posting such articles and keep up the good work. Thank you for this website. There is a complete lack of epistemological understanding of caste and it is reflected in the article. But I finf some mistakes as well. In the Article You said that Reservation was for 10 year only,here you bluff because this is not the fact. So here In Political Field the reservation was given for 10 year with a provision that if this section would not get adequate representation then it would be Extend for next 10 year as we know the caste mentality ,bias mentality of our society.

This 10 year Criteria was not applicable for Education and Employment. You have give the best facts which are essential to know but this article seems Monotonal, Unbalanced, Acorders.. Thank you. It is true that the Reservation in India is given in 3 broad areas. The article explains that Original Consitution of India has provided reservation only for quota in legislatures — that too only for 10 years until article This means the original constitution explicitly mentioned ONLY political reservation.

The article also mentions that the year period of reservation was only for political reservation in the original constitution. The Education Reservation Article 15 4 and the employment reservation Article 16 4 were created by constitutional amendments later.

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The educational reservation and employment reservation were not explicitly mentioned in the original constitution. The article was meant to explain the concept of reservation in laymen terms. There is no comparison made with other affirmative actions. However, the reference is made to look if there any best practices exist in other countries which we can adopt to improve our system of reservation. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Historical Background of Reservation in India -- Economically Weaker Sections 10% reservation

Learn more. Also known as affirmative action, the reservation can also be seen as positive discrimination. Share Tweet 3. Integrate Learning With Test-Taking! Thank you for the feedback. Hope the article helped you. They would only be under reservation if the land is exclusively unirrigated.

Those with vacant buildings can use them for residential, industrial or commercial purposes, hence they are not covered under reservations. Economic and Political Weekly. ILI Law Review. Archived from the original PDF on 25 April Transfer of Power in India Reprinted ed. Orient Blackswan.

Caste Reservation Essay – Reservation System in India

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Essay : Reservation Policy in India - Does it Need Review ?

Colonial Princely. East North Northeast South West. Autonomous administrative divisions Cities Districts Municipalities States and union territories. Resources for education , resources for loans , resources for gainful employment and resources for spreading awareness. Another way could be to halve the number of government colleges and spend that money on other endeavors.

Reservation was never intended to help the Rich SC kid get an Easy entry to educational institute. It was also supposed to end, but sadly due to political corruption and vote bank politics , it did not. But when we say that , we need to remember that it was also thought that the caste based discrimination too would end. If our politicians have failed, so have we. Another issue is that the reservation in higher educational institutes, without proper support for primary education seems like a cop-out. Plus it may not be the best way anymore , there can be a serious discussion on relevance of reservation in this time.

The purpose of reservation in India

Agreed that discrimination is still alive, but is reservation still a good way to end it? To be fair, I am not too sure either. Missed by a whisker. Yes I too have been really angry at the system.

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I too called the system unfair to me and claimed that SC ST have it too easy. But In retrospect , I believe I was ill-informed. Yes reservation system in India is inherently unfair , but our society itself is based on unfairness at this point , where some people are superior to others and some inferior based solely on their birth and not merit.

What can be the better way? In an education hungry society like ours , Is compromising on student intake for some of the most premium colleges worth it?

Essay : Reservation Policy in India - Does it Need Review ?

Also till reservation is there , how can we make sure that it is not abused? What laws need to be brought into place to prevent non-deserving people taking it? I personally know cases of millionaires taking advantage of the reserved seat for their son, which is preposterous.

Can I do not something about it? How can we strengthen the basic education system so that all kids can get an equal shot at a good education? And finally , how to end it?